Introducing Steem Snake – Play Snake & Earn Steem

Steem Snake

Play Snake & Earn Steem

Steem Snake


How to play?

Choose your difficulty (easy, normal, hard).
Click the black field to play.
Use arrow keys to move.
Eat as much food as possible.

When you die, you can submit your points.
Enter your username and private posting key.

Your comment will be upvoted by @steemsnake.

Reward and beneficiaries.

@steemsnake get 35%
@fbslo get 15%
Comment is upvoted at 0 minutes, so curation reward is 0%.
This 25% is added to beneficiaries.

Upvote weight is based on number of point. If you don’t have enough points, @steemsnake can’t upvote you comment (dust vote).

Abusers will be flagged and blacklisted.

How to support Steem Snake?

Delegate steem power to @steemsnake –> Delegate NOW
50% of earnings will be sent to delegators.

Follow the Steem Snake’s curation trail on SteemAuto.

Vote @fbslo for Steem witness — SteemConnect or

Play Snake & Earn Steem

It’s not mobile friendly 🙁

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