(Temporary) Resigantion as Witness

I have started my Steem Witness in February 2018. It’s been over 1 year and 3 months (460 days) since than. But for the last few months, I was think thinking about shutting down my server. There were different reasons, but mostly the “crypto winter”. It was fun, but everything have to end once.

And now the time has come. I will shut my server down soon and I would like to explain why.

Main reason is that even after recent pump in STEEM price, I lost too much money (~1500 STEEM). I was in profit for only 2 months and total profit in those 2 months was around 10 STEEM per month. I can’t afford to spend so much money anymore.

Second reason is that I’m not focused on Steem for the last few months. I haven’t read a post in two months! I believe that there are more active and better witnesses who deserve your vote much more than I do. Please go and vote for them.

Last reason was that I don’t have any way to pay for the server. I was using @Privex at start, but than I swiched to Hetzner (50% cheaper). I was using PayPal to pay my bills (I on’t have Credit Card / Bank account), but few days ago, my PayPal account was permanently banned (for no reason) and I have 60 USD (that should be used for server) frozen for 180 days. PayPal sucks!

At the end, I would like to say THANK YOU to all my voters, who supported my all the time. Since Steem is stake-based, I would like mention my biggest voters:

@neoxian (Thank you for your support since start, it meant a lot to me), @minnowsupport, @vortac, @buzzbeergeek, @r2cornell, @oldtimer, @shadowbot, @josephsavage, @justyy, @emrebeyler, @asmolokalo, @pjau, @paulag, @idikuci…

THANK YOU THANK YOU to ALL my 331 voters too!!! I reserve a right to start my witness again in the future (When I have time & servers again). But until then, you can give your vote to other witnesses.

@fbslo – https://fbslo.net & http://fenetix.com

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