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About Me

Personal Details

Hello there. I'm @fbslo, a young Slovenian developer. While I spend a lot of my time coding, I also like running and cycling. My main interests are blockchains and high-frequency trading.


JavaScript (with NodeJS, jQuery, Express.js, etc.), Python, Solidity, HTML5, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, Linux, Blockchains...

Full Stack

I am using mostly NodeJS for back-end and vanilla JavaScript & jQuery for front-end, but new languages or frameworks are not a problem!

Web 3.0

I have 6 years of experience with blockchains and 3 years of experience with building dApps on different blockchains (Ethereum, Steem, Hive).

Wrapped Hive

Wrapped Hive is an ERC20 token backed up by HIVE cryptocurrency.

Wrapped Hive Engine Tokens

Wrapped Hive Engine oracle is an app for "wrapping" Hive Engine tokens to ERC20 tokens on Ethereum.


Creator is an open source account creation service for Hive blockchain. is open source Bitcoin to PayPal exchange written in NodeJS.

Hive Sharer

Hive Sharer is link sharing service built on Hive blockchain.


Dostavljac is free open-source community essentials delivery app.