About Me

Personal Details

Hello there. I'm @fbslo, a young Slovenian developer. While I spend a lot of my time coding, I also like running, cycling and techno raves. My main interests are blockchains, decentralized finance (DeFi) and high-frequency trading.

Trading at Compositum Capital.


JavaScript, Solidity, C++, Golang, Python, DevOps, Blockchains...

Full Stack

I am using mostly NodeJS and Solidity, but new languages or frameworks are not a problem!

Web 3.0

I have years of experience with blockchains and years of experience with building dApps.

Cub Finance

Solidity Developer

Designing, writing, testing, and deploying smart contracts on multiple EVM chains.


Backend Developer

Writing NodeJS applications and Solidity smart contracts for one of the biggest NFT games with over 260,000 daily players.

Compositum Capital

Software Developer

Working on our internal infrastructure, focused on improving efficiency of cryptocurrency markets and profiting from them.

Wrapped Hive

Wrapped Hive is an ERC20 token backed up by HIVE cryptocurrency.

Wrapped Hive Engine Tokens

Wrapped Hive & Hive Engine oracle is an app for "wrapping" Hive Engine tokens to ERC20 tokens on Ethereum.

Koinos Atomic Swaps

Hash Timelocked Contract (HTLC) for Koinos and Ethereum allow trustless cross-chain swaps.


Decentralized validator node for a trustless cross-chain bridge.

AMM & Yield farming

I worked on multiple Uniswap AMM forks and yield farming aggregators.

MEV extraction

I created multiple MEV extraction bots for EVM chains (ETH, BSC...).
They are all closed source.